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Current situation

Project comparison

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This project has been created with the premise of seeking a 

integration into the environmental, social and economic environment.  


The existing Partial Plan, from 2001, contemplates, on the Transcendence lands, the construction of two 18-hole golf courses and 900 associated homes. The current project, Transcendence, significantly improves the previous proposal both in its concept and in the area of sustainability. Currently the land is developable land in accordance with current urban planning. 

Transcendence, as part of its DNA, is promoting a partial innovation of the current Partial Plan, which authorized those 900 homes and two golf courses, in order to reduce the urban use of the plot as well as the provision of water and electricity supplies. , so that once it is approved, the regulations associated with said plot will not allow such intensive use in buildings and resources of this unique natural plot, where only infrastructure oriented to ecotourism and sports can be developed, which results in management permanent active space with a direct positive impact on employment and local suppliers. This prevents future real estate speculation on the plot.  

In that sense, this project involves 40% less m2 of construction than the partial plan in force since 2001, thus using 106,787 m2 of construction, of which 47,000 m2 correspond to a sports and leisure center (out of a total area of 1,271,073 m2. Nor will it allow the sale of homes, only infrastructure oriented towards ecotourism and sports can be developed, which results in permanent active management of the space with a direct positive impact on employment and local suppliers.  

Less than 9% of the land occupation will be used for construction. This will also translate into a reduction in the construction of accommodations both in number and surface area, since they will be small units compared to traditional homes. Transcendente will have 510 eco-lodging units compared to the 900 traditional residential units that were projected in the current partial plan.  

In turn, we will use 600,000 m2 for sports activities in nature, instead of implementing 2 golf courses, and, through our efficient management of water resources, we will consume a fifth of what the previous proposal had projected (171,402 annual m3 vs 898,489 m3). 

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