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Transcendence seeks to enhance awareness and respect for the environment through the practice and improvement of performance in extreme sports. 

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The project

Transcendence is a unique project for practicing adventure sports and experiences in nature. The sports and leisure complex is located in the municipality of Coín in Málaga. It focuses mainly on creating extraordinary experiences linked to adventure sports (extreme sports), E-Sports, well-being and entertainment, in a unique natural environment. 

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Our pillars

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Sport activities

We will offer more than 35 sports activities.

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Positive impact

We will have multiple positive impact strategies.


Environment and biodiversity

We will work with a variety of implementations to care for and preserve the environment

Transcendence aims to become a coexistence complex for the exchange of cultures, experiences and passions linked to the practice of different sports disciplines with sustainability and the positive impact on the social and economic environment of the area as premises. 

Our purpose

The Transcendence project in Coín was born from the vision and need to provide a legacy to future generations, of unique natural spaces where they can grow, coexist and learn from nature through the practice and values that sport offers. It also emerged with the intention of deseasonalizing tourism, promoting quality domestic tourism. Transcendence is powered by the ARD group, which was started 5 years ago with the aim of transcending future users by offering a unique experience of 

life. Transcendence is promoted by the ARD group, which was started 5 years ago with the aim of transcending future users by offering a unique experience of healthy living and personal improvement through performance in sports and contributing to awareness and protection. of nature through his deep knowledge and intense enjoyment.

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At ARD, we have a commitment to excellence in everything we do and a vision of permanence in each of our projects. This translates into a permanent effort to positively impact all the communities where we are located and to leave a valuable legacy for future generations in the social, environmental and/or cultural aspects.

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Connection with nature

Transcendence is located in a unique natural environment, the main pillar of this innovative project and, as such, the object of improvement and protection by the promoters of the initiative. 


Through the sports, social and cultural activities offered, which are closely linked to nature, we seek to create a large community aware of nature, in which people can connect with themselves, each other and the environment. natural in a healthy way. 

Transcendence is the origin of a large community aware of nature through sport.

Project features

Transcendence includes more than 35 adventure sports activities, a holistic wellness center, and will offer organic farming and farm-to-table experiences. 

It will also provide a space in its facilities for the generation of a market where farmers in the area can sell their local products.  


At the same time, the project contemplates a natural and open-air space for the development of events, which can accommodate up to 1,000 people, as well as sporting and E-Sports events, and an artificial wave pool (the only one in the world approved). for the world surfing championship).  


The facilities will have 510 eco-tourism housing units, fully integrated into the natural environment, distributed in: 

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