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About us

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Nature call initiatives

Nature Call Initiatives belongs to the ARD Investment & Development, third generation family business. We are dedicated to working on projects in unique environments 

to whom we dedicate very special care and attention.  


12 of our projects are cataloged within the cultural heritage of several countries, as well as more than 300 hectares of land with some degree of environmental protection where we generate more than 1,000 direct and indirect jobs. In that sense, 100% of our initiatives present some degree of historical and cultural or landscape and environmental protection, and we pride ourselves on treating them with the care and respect they deserve. 

As an example of a recent project in the province of Malaga is the recovery of 

emblematic La Equitativa building, in the city of Malaga. This building, after years of abandonment, presented problems of illegal squatting, insecurity and deterioration. After the intervention of the ARD Investment & Development, which worked with the building's previous owner, has recovered this outstanding space, which is now the Only You Hotel in Malaga. A degraded space has thus been transformed into a high-value proposition, job creation and a tourist attraction pole with a clearly positive impact on its environment and a prize for energy efficiency. 

At the ARD Investment & Development we have a commitment to excellence in everything we do and a vision of permanence in each of our projects, as well as a clear commitment to generating a positive social impact. 

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We have a development fund to which we allocate 0.5% of all income from our projects, and with which we develop long-term social, environmental and/or cultural initiatives, hand in hand with communities and 

local associations, with the commitment to develop actions that truly generate a positive and lasting impact on each of them. 

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