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Environment and biodiversity

Transcendence is both a community and a model for developing positive impact projects. It is the place where individuals aware of environmental protection connect through sport and nature.


Reduced occupation of the total surface area of the plot 


Of which only the

It is intended for construction.


corresponds to impermeable water ponds that are designed so that they can act as a storm reservoir to contribute to the irrigation and supply flow of Coín by pouring the surplus into the spring channel. 


Integration with the natural environment 

The project in Coín has the most demanding sustainability principles and certifications, as well as a research and development center for environmental solutions, focused on water efficiency, as well as the protection of native flora and fauna.  

tree under ground.png

Minimum impact strategies  

The Transcendence project takes care of the nature and landscape of Coín.It seeks for nature to prevail and for construction to blend in with it as much as possible. Therefore, the project presents atotal occupancy of around 20%, of which only 9% is allocated to buildings, leaving the rest of the surface as natural green areas. 

Additionally, the impact of the intervention is minimized with different strategies: 


Construction on pillars

All accommodation will be built with natural materials and on pillars, which will avoid having to dig the ground, preserving the vegetation layer and enabling the drainage of natural rainwater into the aquifer. 


Plant layers

The larger buildings will be built under a plant layer so that both their integration into the environment and their capacity to continue hosting biodiversity is increased. 



All facilities will be designed with the aim of blending in with the natural environment. 



To move between one space and another of the facilities, walkways will be implemented that will house the distribution of services and facilities below to avoid further erosion and leaks. 



All water layers will be completely waterproof to avoid water loss due to leaks and guarantee the protection of the aquifer. 


Electric vehicles

The use of combustion vehicles will be excluded from the center both for the use of visitors and for the use of staff. 


Transcendence is both a community and a model for developing positive impact projects. It is the place where individuals aware of environmental protection connect through sport and nature. 


Being the meeting place of this community, Transcendence is conceived as a 

sustainability benchmark both in its implementation and in its operation. In that sense, from a technological and design point of view, it has been conceived around five pillars: 

Design/Construction: Sustainability and circularity standards in design. 

  • Construction designed under Passivhaus standards (maximum energy efficient building). 

  • LEED (international symbol of excellence in sustainability and leadership in construction). 

  • Cradle to cradle products and systems (international circularity standard). 

Energy: Energy self-consumption (solar energy and biogas). 

  • Installation of photovoltaic panels: plant of between 2 and 3 Mw for the production of the center's demand integrated into pergolas in the parking area and accommodation units (other sources of complementary energy will also be available). 

  • Use of biogas produced as by-products of the water treatment plant. 

Water: consumption reduction, reuse and autonomous water production   

  • Wastewater treatment plant-biofactory. Use of  this water recycled in the center's facilities. 

  • Use of ambient humidity condensation systems with drinking water production of up to 8000L/day, depending on temperature and humidity conditions. 

Environment: Positive impact to the local ecosystem. protection, regeneration and promotion of the flora and fauna of the plot. 

  • Reforestation of the plot with more than 16,000 new trees. The reforestation will be carried out with syntropic agricultural practices, with agroforestry that imitates the optimal natural ecosystem of the area, planting various crops and native plants, with landscaping based on plants and trees with low water demand.

  • Permaculture and biodynamic gardens. 

  • Nurseries and Seedbeds for the cultivation and continuous development of the plant mass of the plot. 

  • Beekeeping: We will take advantage of the benefits of pollinator species to boost the creation and consolidation of the ecosystem. 

Carbon Footprint: Net Zero, from construction materials to 
waste management. 
  • Design of the center under Net Zero standards. 

  • Comprehensive garbage recycling. 

  • Reuse of part of the garbage generated. 

  • Reduction of the use of plastics in operations. 

  • Use of compost derived from the by-product biomass of the water treatment plant. 

As additional measures of contribution and environmental impact in the community, the following will be developed: 
water web tramns.png

A research and development center for water efficiency solutions, allowing Coín to become a leading center in issues related to the efficiency of water resources. 

trans education center.png

An environmental educational center for children and young people in Coín, focused on the preservation of water resources. 

trans seed.png

Transcendence will become a hotbed for global environmental action. 

In turn, the plot where the project will be carried out is currently classified as under risk of fire due to surface mass, as well as at risk of desertification. Although the plot has a consolidated bush mass, due to its composition, location and current use, they give it a fragile character and are exposed to risks of fires and desertification. Many of the actions mentioned above will contribute to reversing this situation, making the land a space full of life and vegetation. 

Transcendence is a project committed to the aquifer and water of Coín 

Water management

Transcendence is a project absolutely committed to caring for the area's water resources and aware of their importance and essentiality. Therefore, the project has various specific measures for its protection. 


Regulatory consumption

The first measure for efficient water management is the reduction of total demand. Transcendence is promoting a modification of the partial plan of Los Llanos that adjusts the demand for water allocated to this plot to 7.22 l/s without taking into account the possible own production of water through condensation or the recirculation of treated water. This gives a comparative consumption to the approved partial plan more than 5 times lower. The reduction in water demand is even greater if we compare it with equivalent agricultural development. 


Total Transcendence Consumption

It is established at 7.22 l/s for peak demand. However, the real average annual consumption will be around 65% of that amount, that is, about 4.7 l/s, including evaporation of water sheets and human consumption. 


water table

The filtration of water into the aquifers will be prevented through its implementation.


Reuse of all the center's water

both gray and black, by purifying and treating them in the center itself through a biofactory that also provides biogas and compost.


Flow protection

Protection of aquifer flow through a total impervious occupation of less than 11%


Reduction of water demand

of human consumption through the application of sustainability and circularity standards in design.


Water collection systems

Implementation of water collection systems from humidity in the environment. 


Water consumption of the complex and the Coín aquifer 

The consumption of the two golf courses and the homes projected on this land would require more than 898,000 m3 per year (course irrigation + human consumption), while Transcendence will only use 171,402 m3 (evaporation + human consumption); about 5 times less consumption.

Every activity related to the use of water in the project is aimed at reducing its consumption, therefore it will have infinitely lower consumption than that of a hotel or traditional home. 

Finally, as an additional measure of contribution and impact on the community, as mentioned above, Transcendence will have a Center for research and development of water efficiency solutions, allowing Coín to become a focus of research and cutting-edge knowledge on related issues. with the efficiency of water resources. 

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