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Positive impact

Transcendence has great opportunities for the area



Transcendence has the potential to generate approximately 750 jobs in the construction phase and about 600 jobs in its exploitation phase starting in the first year of operation, a figure that could increase to 800 people starting in the fifth year. Always prioritizing the hiring of local jobs and suppliers. 

CULTURE and well-being

The project will also spread culture and well-being through cultural and connection and personal growth programs, and will have a collaborative focus with the inhabitants and companies of Coín, contributing to the promotion of the local economy. For example, a market space will be created within the facilities, where local artisans and farmers can sell their products. 


In turn, it will contribute to the community through the generation of schools for each of the sports disciplines of the project, creating scholarships so that the children and residents of Coín can be part of these  extraordinary sporting experiences. 

farmer trans 2.png


We have a development fund to which we will allocate 0.5% of all project income and with which we develop long-term social and environmental initiatives, hand in hand with local communities and associations, with the commitment to develop actions that truly generate a positive and lasting social impact in each of them, such as a social and labor reintegration program, a water efficiency research center and a research and protection center for native nature. 

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